Our expectations

From the potential Franchisee we require:

  • Experience in running business (food business in particular),
  • Local market knowledge,
  • Sales and marketing knowledge and experience, with a particular focus on launching the product into the market and familiarity with current trends and tools,
  • Available catering facilities in case of own production model,
  • Ensuring logistical backup including refrigerated trucks (own fleet and/or subcontractor fleet),
  • Insurance contract (liability insurance, property insurance),
  • Adjustment to the Franchisor’s guidelines and corresponding establishment equipment,
  • Necessary capital for investment and running costs (from 45.000 € to 100.000 €, estimated investment costs may vary depending on the franchise model and sales assumptions selected for a specific location),
  • A team ready to implement the project considering the following roles:
    1. marketing and sales services,
    1. logistics services,
    1. production services (in case of own production model),
    1. dietary and financial services,
  • Excellent work organisation and openness to new challenges and development.


Ideal Franchisee profile

  • Has got his/her own restaurant
  • Knows the standards of the food service industry
  • Has got production facilities
  • Has got a team prepared to work
  • Has got the necessary capital
  • Is ready to take on the daily challenges of the dietary catering business

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