Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can become a Body Chief Franchisee?

We are particularly looking for restaurateurs who wish to use 100% of their production facilities potential. We would like to cooperate with resourceful, dynamic and successful people who are not afraid of new challenges and are willing to share their passion with other people. If you own a restaurant and you would like to start a new business without large investments, do not hesitate to contact us 😊.

2. How can you start cooperating with us?

If you are interested in establishing cooperation with us, you should familiarise yourself with the collaboration model and then fill in the questionnaire in the application form (link).

3. What are the main criteria for selecting a Franchisee?

The cooperation is determined by the Candidate’s individual qualifications, capital, interpersonal skills, as well as motivation and determination to run the dietary catering business (Our expectations).

4. Is it required from the Franchise Candidate to have experience in food service industry?

We do not require experience in running a food service business, but it will undoubtedly be an advantage when considering the application. We provide our Franchisees with comprehensive training and support, which will help them acquire knowledge and practical skills. However, we require experience in running a business, as well as good command of tools supporting online sales.

5. In what location can you operate under the Body Chief brand?

We are open to all locations outside Poland. If you see the potential of dietary catering in your country, contact us! We provide territorial exclusivity in the area determined with the Partner.

6. What capital do you need to start cooperation?

Estimated investment costs may vary depending on the franchise model (distribution or own production model) and sales assumptions selected for a specific location. The Partner mainly bears the costs of advertising and maintaining the business at the stage of customer acquisition. Kitchen adaptation expenses differ depending on the Partner’s preparation level and they range from EUR 10.000 to 55.000. The capital for the first months of operation is estimated at EUR 45.000 (staff, advertising, marketing, official fees, fuel charges, etc.).

7. For how long is the franchise agreement concluded?

The franchise agreement is signed for 5 years with the possibility of its extension. We are committed to establishing long-term cooperation with each Partner. The implementation of the contract provisions gives priority to extension in the selected territory.

8. Is it possible to start a franchise with an investor or a partner?

Yes, it is possible to establish cooperation with more than one person or with a company. We reserve the right to verify the credibility of all Partner’s representatives.

9. How long does it take to open a Body Chief franchise branch?

It all depends on whether the Candidate has got available production facilities, a fleet and human resources. The estimated time to start a business is 3 months.

10. Does the Franchisee receive any support from the Franchisor after signing the contract?

Body Chief naturally offers comprehensive support throughout the duration of the contract. We provide you with a dedicated Franchise Supervisor, as well as reference books in the form of operations manual. In the beginning, we guarantee initial training in the field of logistics, marketing, nutrition, customer service and production service, one-week pre-implementation assistance and periodic training in accordance with the Franchisee’s needs.