Our Offer

Within the framework of franchise agreement we ensure:

  • the know-how necessary to start business,
  • a trademark license for the duration of the agreement,
  • a starter kit that includes a website, a drivers support application and a dedicated system to receive and process customers’ orders in the language dominated by the Franchisee. Moreover, we provide marketing materials for the operation area of the Franchisee,
  • reference books in the form of Operational Manual,
  • a proven and recognized brand,
  • help in organising production and logistics facilities by our Franchisee,
  • specific area territorial exclusivity, which guarantees the Franchisee the fact that the Franchisor will not open own establishment or let other recipient start a franchise business in a particular territory,
  • initial training, which will thoroughly prepare the Franchisee’s team to start business,
  • periodic training, during which the Franchisees will familiarise themselves with new brand standards and expand their knowledge in areas of interest,
  • implementation assistance, in which one of the Franchisor’s employees comes to the place of business of the Partner and provides necessary support on the spot,
  • detailed menu for every day of the week in accordance to the diet options available in the Franchisor’s offer,
  • monthly marketing package containing a set of graphic materials that can be used by the Franchisee,
  • thoroughly prepared franchise model with a sales ready concept.

Constant Franchise Specialist support

For the duration of the cooperation, which consists in:

  • regular transferring of marketing materials and all innovations taking place in the company,
  • recommending and assessing on-going Franchisee’s operations,
  • answering questions and proposals related to franchise system functioning,
  • verifying Franchisor’s standards,
  • organising initial and periodic training,
  • administrating franchise documentation,
  • maintaining regular contact with the Franchisee,